is the leading Canadian supplier of full turn-key farm projects worldwide for all types of Agricultural production including dairy, swine, poultry and cash crop. LOONLAND has created a strategic alliance with the best Canadian suppliers of buildings, equipment and genetics in order to bring you the most efficient production system possible. LOONLAND can provide a total solution so that all you have to do is “turn the key”.

Canada is recognized as the world leader in the development of dairy and swine genetics. The primary breeds in our Canadian swine genetics program are Yorkshire and Landrace for the mother line mated to Duroc sires. For dairy farms there is no comparison in the world to our Canadian Holsteins and we can supply live animals as well as high quality semen for artificial insemination afterwards.

Canadian housing and feeding systems for livestock are also known to be of exceptional quality. We start with the design using our professional engineering services which cater specifically to agriculture. Next we follow up with the construction either “on farm” or wherever the agri-industry related structure is required. We specialize in “turn-key” projects and our team can supply all of the building materials and construct the buildings according to our engineered plans. We include all of the equipment that is needed to run an efficient operation including penning, feeding equipment, milking systems as well as manure storage & handling equipment. For a listing of the brand names of our partners please click on the “partners” tab at the top of the page.
Finally, we can supply financing for most of our projects through the Canadian Government’s financial arm, Export Development Canada (EDC).

You can be confident that you are purchasing the very best when you buy from LOONLAND because these systems are constantly proving themselves every day in Canada. It is an honour for our group to bring the technologies that our fore-fathers developed over the past 50 years to you and the rest of your countrymen.

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